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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Traumatized hand #4

From a right-handed mystery writer

The Splint

          On the fifth day, I started to wean myself off the pain pills but remained primarily in bed. I was told to keep my hand and elbow above my heart to decrease the swelling. It was easier to do by laying down and propping up my elbow and hand with pillows than walking around with my hand resting on top of my head and elbow above my heart!!

          When I was well enough to walk around I peered into the kitchen, the refrigerator saw me but it remained aloof. It had changed again in the eight days since my surgery, but not sure why or how. Never the less I looked at it with a chip on my shoulder. My mind began to plan my defense with a crime report and pictures of the crime location.

          My useless left hand, Lefty,  slowly became tired and overworked. It was my only functioning hand. But Lefty took the challenge with zest and zeal, showing off its strength and coordination. Righty was too sick to notice its doppelganger, plus it was hidden from the world by bandages.  Lefty took this opportunity show Righty off. Now was Lefty's chance!
          Lefty also joined the refrigerator to conspire. Refrigerator aptly plotted and planned, outshining even Lefty with its cunning.


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