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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Traumatized Hand #11

From a right-handed mystery writer
Continued Occupational Therapy

          I've been receiving OT for two weeks. Righty is feeling better with less pain and less swelling. Still unable to do many household chores but slowly getting a few things done i.e. folding clothes, washing dishes, sorting laundry, etc. I call them simple but necessary chores. I am able to type 15 minutes without fatigue and pain in my right hand.
          I work with my new OT twice a week including, warm paraffin wax soaks, juggling metal Chinese balls in one hand, putting pegs in a mat, and electrical stimulation with icing. It seems to be working
          My home program consists of alternating hot and ice water soaks, and specific range of motion exercises. Unfortunately, this home program takes up a lot of my day, but it's worth it for better use of my right hand.

          Lefty is getting tired of helping with most of the chores and has been indiscriminately talking with Refrigerator more often. I know this because Refrigerator occasionally disguises itself, but I know a cold-hearted job when I see one. I need to figure out a way of getting rid of Refrigerator before Lefty has swung to the other side and it's too late.
          I found some moldy green bread in the back of the refrigerator. I know it was Refrigerator's doing. Imagine ruining two innocent pieces of bread still in their lovely package!!

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