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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Traumatized Hand #10


From a right-handed mystery writer

The search for another Occupational Therapist

          I started Occupational Therapy with another group, the therapist is much better, spends at least 20 minutes with me at the beginning and checks in with me at the end. Her Certified Occupational Assistant (COTA) is extremely knowledgeable.
          She said the exercises I was doing were too advanced for someone 3.5 weeks post surgery and switched the exercises. No wonder why I was in constant pain day and night!  Therapy is now focused on riding me of several sprained muscles and range of motion.  I'm trying hard to get my right hand working again. I can now type for 8 minutes without pain, do dishes by hand in warm water, and fold clothes. I am also icing my hand more often than previously.

          Left and Righty are exhausted after each set of exercises at home. I'm also icing Righty more often which is decreasing the swelling and pain.
          At this point, I honestly do not think refrigerator gets the misery it has caused me. It just moves on with its job and relaxes at night. It just moves on with its life as if nothing has happened. Totally unaware of my pain and time I spend trying to get my right-hand functioning again. Refrigerator is so unfeeling, I don't remember how I got involved with it in the first place.

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