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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Traumatized Hand #9

From a right-handed mystery writer

Saw the Doctor for third post op

          The doctor examined my hand.  He felt my ability to move my hand (make a fist without tension, third finger movement side to side and up and down, and wrist flexibility) were coming along nicely. However, because of constant pain in my entire hand, he felt I had an overall sprained hand.
          I explained that I was unhappy with my Occupational  Therapist and was looking for another. I showed him my exercises and therapy plan from my current Occupational Therapist. He said that they were too strenuous for being so recent post op and agreed I should find another therapist.
          I only had 4 treatments with this therapist which had I continued with him It would have been detrimental to my hand. I am so glad I stopped seeing him 2 weeks ago. Looking forward to starting with a new OT.
          The doctor suggested I stop all exercises and alternate heat and cold treatment for a few days while I am waiting to be seen by the new therapist.

          I feel like punching out the Refrigerator with my good left hand, but then I'd have to have surgery on Lefty! So Lefty has been trying to convince me to let it go for now. Righty is really upset but is now taking it in stride, "So... what else could go wrong?"

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