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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Traumatized Hand #8


From a right-handed mystery writer

Not Happy
          I am very unhappy with the way my therapy has been going. I've had one evaluation and four treatments so far. The therapist is not listening to me and really doesn't seem to understand what I need. He is more focused on scheduling 6 people an hour and servicing all six at the same time plus take business calls, (He manages the practice).
          It's not that I want individual attention 100% of the time. I just want him to review my exercises and make sure I am doing them correctly.  Also,  I've been getting numbness and "tingly" sensation in two fingers. He can't seem to figure out why. All I get is, "I don't know", and he heads off to the next patient.
          Then I find out that the therapist is also the manager and director of the hand clinic. Now it makes sense that he is more concerned about money, and profits than his patients.
          I've decided to see a different Occupational Therapist. I'll call my physician and get another referral.
          Lefty has been very supportive of Righty and unhappy with the therapist. Righty has to remind Lefty to be polite otherwise Lefty would punch him in the nose. Whereas Lefty was content with giving the therapist raspberries every time I went in for treatment.

          Meanwhile, the refrigerator stands there and continues to be cold, silent and rigid. I choose to ignore its indifference and continue with my healing.

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