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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Traumatized hand #7

From a right-handed mystery writer

Occupational Therapy
          Nine o'clock Monday morning the long-awaited Occupational Therapy (OT) began. The OT did the evaluation and taught me exercises to improve strength in my hand, wrist, and forearm.
          It hurt like the dickens but the heat and cold relieved a lot of the pain during therapy. As a retired Speech Therapist I understand the patience it takes to work on muscles and ligaments that have been immobile for a while. I came home with a list of exercises for Righty. Now, Lefty is feeling left out since Righty was directed to attempt more activities, i.e., dishwashing, folding clothes, driving etc.

          So, instead of moping around, Lefty is helping Righty with strengthening exercises in spite of the disparaging looks Refrigerator is giving it.

          While spending more time in the kitchen, Refrigerator stands firm, fixed to the floor, now with a sharpened stare, focused as always on its next move, it's next attack. If I had only thought to take pictures of the attack when it happened I could use it to barter...maybe even for protection money!  After all, something bad could happen to that Icebox...y'know?

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