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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Traumatized Hand #18

From a right-handed mystery writer
What's with that??
          I decided that my new hand issues were because of my neck, not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I went to a neck specialist and he agreed with me...a neck problem. I started Physical Therapy for neck pain. Unfortunately, my insurance will only pay for 5 sessions of physical therapy until December 2019. After the first of the new year, it can pick up again with 20 visits of physical therapy.
What's with that?

          This is because I went to Physical Therapy for my shoulder earlier last year!
          So the PT decides to see me weekly for five weeks and give me exercises to do at home between visits, like a coach. What else could I do but agree?
          The exercises are not easy but doable. I just have to remember to do them five times a day. Right now I can manage three but five times a day. It hurts! So I am going to manage it better along with my hand therapy.
What's with that??

          Meanwhile, Refrigerator is laughing, watching my bewilderment and confusion. It must be rewarding itself for doing such a good job upsetting my life. If only I could plan an unplug without its knowledge. I did look behind it and saw the plug that keeps it living and functioning. Should I unplug it? It would surely die! Die an undignified death! I must contemplate the deed.

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