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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Traumatized Hand #19


From a right-handed mystery writer

The Deed is Done!

          I have been suffering greatly with my thumbs, the pain got worse and worse over the summer. I saw the doctor, my hand specialist, and we decided it was best to get the least with the right thumb. The left thumb isn't as bad pain wise. He reminded me that any Occupational Therapy I may need for my thumb will not be covered by my insurance or Medicare. I reminded him how much pain I was in and he nodded.
          So I had surgery on the right thumb and I was surprised it only took 15 minutes, and they didn't knock me out either. They,  of course, numbed my entire hand but I was able to move my thumb when he asked...during surgery!!
           Once the numbness wore off I was in excruciating pain!! I left the building with a simple little bandage on my hand. After all, that pain and all I get is this a little bandage?

          It hurt by the time I got home and took a pain pill, slept most of the day. Lefty is pretty upset knowing it will have to go through this soon, maybe first of next year... that is, if I can stand the pain that long in Lefty. It is definitely not happy.

What's with that?
          Refrigerator was relatively quiet and just stood there as usual, cold and indifferent. Since I wasn't drugged, I was very aware of my surrounding and Refrigerator. I think it knew that and didn't dare mock me!

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