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Monday, March 3, 2014

Kite Flying

For my family, flying a kite was  a wonderful traditon for the month of March for my family. We made and flew kites from March until the early part of summer. As long as the wind blew I was out there with a kite running and watching it soar and dance in the sky. Making a kite meant spring was here, a well anticipated break from the freezing cold weather of winter in New York.

I found a web site that gives extensive directions for making three types of kites:

-Diamond kite—the usueal or traditona kites

-Delta kite—well decorated and colorful V shaped kite

-Paper kite—i.e. using brown paper bags to make a kite.

Paper bag kite: Make 4 reinforced puncture holes at the corners of the bag opening.  Loop 2 lengths of string through holes to support all 4 corners then pull down to one string for a handle.  To finish, decorate bag and add streamers.

This makes wonderful family activity. Just click on the link below:

Have fun!!