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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Traumatized hand #21

Blog #21
From a right-handed mystery writer

Righty is Better!!

          It's been a week since the stitches came out of Righty's thumb. I'm doing limited exercises to increase range of motion. It's feeling better, still ugly, and occasional twinges, but overall, doing better.
          My typing has improved tremendously, little to no pain and my typing speed has increased to near pre-trigger thumb diagnosis and surgery. So overall I'm content and almost happy.  I am planning to enjoy this lull in pain and misery until the next shoe falls!
          The struggle has been not only with my thumb but more with my insurance and Medicare regulations for therapy and medication. I just don't understand how they can put people who are ill or struggling to maintain health through all this. It think it is a shame!

          So moving on, Refrigerator is acting up again. It's frigid, stern exterior is covering up more sinister plotting. I know it has been reaching out to Lefty and playing it COOL with Righty.  Lefty is actually feeling fine, health-wise, not engaging in much communication with Righty since Righty is able to take care of itself. I do believe Lefty is taking a vacation and simply just doing its job.


Monday, February 25, 2019

Traumatized Hand #20


From a right-handed mystery writer

          It's been a week since surgery on my right thumb. The instructions I got from the doctor was to remove the large bandage and cover it with a band-aid. I can't believe it! after all that pain all I get now is a little insignificant band-aid? I have 4 stitches, and it looks GROSS. For some reason, this surgery ended up looking worse than the more extensive one I had in March.

          I can now type (slowly)  and I am no longer hunting and pecking. The pain has been bearable but still gets irritated when I move it. Lefty has been really sweet to Righty, doing what it can to cheer up Righty.
          Because I have to heal before attempting to move Righty's thumb, there wasn't much I  could do for 10 days. I did a lot of reading,  watching television, and avoiding Refrigerator (I sense that it has been very unhappy since I am not paying much attention to it). Righty or Lefty have also been shunning it,  which is now a triple insult to it.

          My husband has been doing all the cooking and cleaning...again. I can't drive so he's been my chauffeur too. I spent my time in different rooms of the house and office.  So this must be irritating Refrigerator to no end! I do eat breakfast in the kitchen, but it is an enjoyable time talking with Bill and planning our day. Refrigerator must be furious during that hour. I never knew being such a Bitch would be so nice!