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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Traumatized Hand Blog # 15

From a right-handed mystery writer

Revenge of the Ice Box

          Finally, I'm getting the upper hand. For weeks I've been dealing with my thumbs and right hand. I have been coping well, making adjustments to my daily activities and with help from my sister and husband, laundry and cooking are coming along. I'm driving short tips with no trouble steering. So I've been ignoring Refrigerator and it's been ignoring me, just the way I like it.
          I'm typing for short spurts and got back to writing our next mystery novel.  I'm back to swimming 3-4 times a week. So life has been sailing along, almost back to normal for most things.
          Well! Refrigerator has been rather quiet the last 3 weeks. I wasn't worried too much about it since life is getting back to normal (no traveling this year. though)

          I was maneuvering my car into the garage-which I have done millions of times. But for some reason, I overcorrected and messed up my right fender- car vs side of the garage.
          The Refrigerator- it planned this for weeks. That's why it's been so quiet all this time. The nerve of it. I feel revenge beginning to boil up within me, I must retaliate! Now!
          But how?