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Friday, October 26, 2018

Traumatized Hand Blog #16


From a right-handed mystery writer

Righty is almost good

          So-o-o, Righty is doing much better. I can now make a fist (closed hand-finger to palm) but not ready to squeeze tightly.  This is a vast improvement from when I started 4 weeks ago. I can type about 20 minutes, give or take a few minutes before fatigue begins to rear its ugly head. Righty has been having more fatigue than pain. My Occupational therapist said it's a good thing.
          My new exercises, for Righty, include strengthening and playing with putty. Actually, it is a lot of fun sitting at home with my fingers in the purple stuff,
          One more week and I can get relief for Lefty's thumb. It's been a real trial dealing with something that seems to have no future relief. The therapist and doctor are suggesting surgery on Lefty to remove the inflamed tissue. Not looking forward to another surgery this year. I just had one in March with Righty!

          Refrigerator has been keeping a close eye on Lefty. After al they were in cahoots a while back. It's probably trying to figure out if Lefty is still interested. Since I have been babying/caring for Lefty, it's not had a need or want to stray for attention. Too bad Refrigerator