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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Traumatized Hand #22

From a right-handed mystery writer
Ta Da!
Almost there!
        So,  I would say my hands are at 90% capacity, both Righty and Lefty. I still get occasional aches in my hands, but they are both functioning.
        A consistent regimen of hand exercises I found on the internet has helped to decrease stiffness and increase mobility (I think). I wish I could see a hand therapist but Medicare and my insurance don't see it that way. At least not now.
        I am impressed, with my doctor. One can hardly see the scar on my hand from the first surgery, while a small scar from the second thumb surgery lingers. I had the best surgeon I could have had!

        Refrigerator seems to be content to just be a refrigerator and nothing else. It seems Refrigerator has given up launching another attack on me, at least for now. I have decided to ignore it and just live my life as it should be, hectic and busy. Revenge will have to wait for another day.