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Monday, August 3, 2015

Something's Cooking at Dove Acres

Something's Cooking at Dove Acres

Will Zeilinger

How DOVE ACRES came to be

          My wife and I have taken many trips to Santa Catalina Island, only 23 miles off the coast of Long Beach California. On one visit we met a friend who lives there. Since there are only a few cars on the island, she took us for a tour in her golf cart which she calls her “Catalina Limo.” We marveled at the sights most tourists never see and learned that much of the property was passed down through families. This gave me the idea for a story of a young woman who inherits a beautiful estate on the island. How would she get along? What challenges would she face? 

          At sunset that evening, we sat at one of our favorite seafood restaurants thinking of all the unusual people and quirky personalities we’d encountered.  The islanders and their lifestyle are what sparked the inspiration for this book.

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 These tea sandwiches were served and made by Dimple at her first family gathering. 


Makes 20 small sandwiches, they should be varied in shape—round, square, triangu­lar, or diamond. Remove the crusts and cut in quarters or use a large cookie cutter to make unusual shapes. Any kind of bread will do: white, rye, nut, or raisin. Serve them open faced or closed. Serve right away or cover with foil, and store in the refrigerator. Estimate 3 or 4 for each guest.

Here are sample of fillings for the sandwiches
     Cream cheese, minced cooked mushrooms, garnish with ground nutmeg.
     Chopped watercress, softened butter, garnish with grated onion.
     Strawberry marmalade, chopped pe­cans, and cream cheese.
     Minced crabmeat, mayonnaise, and ground turmeric.
     Mashed avocado, fresh lemon juice, and hot pepper sauce.
     Minced chicken, almonds, curry powder, and dairy sour cream.
     Creamed Roquefort cheese, cream cheese, and sherry.
     Spread with smoked cheese and top with sliced.
     Minced cucumbers, dairy sour cream, garnish with capers.
•   Ginger marmalade, topped with chopped walnuts.