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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Traumatized hand #1


From a right-handed mystery writer
The Incident

Some of you may have heard that I have hurt my right hand February 14 in a vicious attack from my refrigerator. The alleged attack occurred while extending my hand into the refrigerator and talking to my significant other. The shelf intentionally stood rigid, and cold;  plotting the attack.
          In excruciating pain and after quickly covering my hand with ice packs I grabbed my coat and headed for the nearest  Urgent Care Center. All the while the refrigerator stood silently mocking me and my injury, enjoying the agony it has caused.

          Convinced the refrigerator had broken my hand the x-ray showed no broken bones. The doctor sent me home with a diagnosis of a sprained hand, and shoved a huge split on my arm, "Give it six weeks," he said..."at your age maybe 8 weeks".
          So, not only am I in pain, and angry at my refrigerator, I've been insulted as well.

          I sneered at my refrigerator when I got home.