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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Traumatized Hand #22

From a right-handed mystery writer
Ta Da!
Almost there!
        So,  I would say my hands are at 90% capacity, both Righty and Lefty. I still get occasional aches in my hands, but they are both functioning.
        A consistent regimen of hand exercises I found on the internet has helped to decrease stiffness and increase mobility (I think). I wish I could see a hand therapist but Medicare and my insurance don't see it that way. At least not now.
        I am impressed, with my doctor. One can hardly see the scar on my hand from the first surgery, while a small scar from the second thumb surgery lingers. I had the best surgeon I could have had!

        Refrigerator seems to be content to just be a refrigerator and nothing else. It seems Refrigerator has given up launching another attack on me, at least for now. I have decided to ignore it and just live my life as it should be, hectic and busy. Revenge will have to wait for another day.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Traumatized hand #21

Blog #21
From a right-handed mystery writer

Righty is Better!!

          It's been a week since the stitches came out of Righty's thumb. I'm doing limited exercises to increase range of motion. It's feeling better, still ugly, and occasional twinges, but overall, doing better.
          My typing has improved tremendously, little to no pain and my typing speed has increased to near pre-trigger thumb diagnosis and surgery. So overall I'm content and almost happy.  I am planning to enjoy this lull in pain and misery until the next shoe falls!
          The struggle has been not only with my thumb but more with my insurance and Medicare regulations for therapy and medication. I just don't understand how they can put people who are ill or struggling to maintain health through all this. It think it is a shame!

          So moving on, Refrigerator is acting up again. It's frigid, stern exterior is covering up more sinister plotting. I know it has been reaching out to Lefty and playing it COOL with Righty.  Lefty is actually feeling fine, health-wise, not engaging in much communication with Righty since Righty is able to take care of itself. I do believe Lefty is taking a vacation and simply just doing its job.


Monday, February 25, 2019

Traumatized Hand #20


From a right-handed mystery writer

          It's been a week since surgery on my right thumb. The instructions I got from the doctor was to remove the large bandage and cover it with a band-aid. I can't believe it! after all that pain all I get now is a little insignificant band-aid? I have 4 stitches, and it looks GROSS. For some reason, this surgery ended up looking worse than the more extensive one I had in March.

          I can now type (slowly)  and I am no longer hunting and pecking. The pain has been bearable but still gets irritated when I move it. Lefty has been really sweet to Righty, doing what it can to cheer up Righty.
          Because I have to heal before attempting to move Righty's thumb, there wasn't much I  could do for 10 days. I did a lot of reading,  watching television, and avoiding Refrigerator (I sense that it has been very unhappy since I am not paying much attention to it). Righty or Lefty have also been shunning it,  which is now a triple insult to it.

          My husband has been doing all the cooking and cleaning...again. I can't drive so he's been my chauffeur too. I spent my time in different rooms of the house and office.  So this must be irritating Refrigerator to no end! I do eat breakfast in the kitchen, but it is an enjoyable time talking with Bill and planning our day. Refrigerator must be furious during that hour. I never knew being such a Bitch would be so nice!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Traumatized Hand #19


From a right-handed mystery writer

The Deed is Done!

          I have been suffering greatly with my thumbs, the pain got worse and worse over the summer. I saw the doctor, my hand specialist, and we decided it was best to get the least with the right thumb. The left thumb isn't as bad pain wise. He reminded me that any Occupational Therapy I may need for my thumb will not be covered by my insurance or Medicare. I reminded him how much pain I was in and he nodded.
          So I had surgery on the right thumb and I was surprised it only took 15 minutes, and they didn't knock me out either. They,  of course, numbed my entire hand but I was able to move my thumb when he asked...during surgery!!
           Once the numbness wore off I was in excruciating pain!! I left the building with a simple little bandage on my hand. After all, that pain and all I get is this a little bandage?

          It hurt by the time I got home and took a pain pill, slept most of the day. Lefty is pretty upset knowing it will have to go through this soon, maybe first of next year... that is, if I can stand the pain that long in Lefty. It is definitely not happy.

What's with that?
          Refrigerator was relatively quiet and just stood there as usual, cold and indifferent. Since I wasn't drugged, I was very aware of my surrounding and Refrigerator. I think it knew that and didn't dare mock me!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Traumatized Hand #18

From a right-handed mystery writer
What's with that??
          I decided that my new hand issues were because of my neck, not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I went to a neck specialist and he agreed with me...a neck problem. I started Physical Therapy for neck pain. Unfortunately, my insurance will only pay for 5 sessions of physical therapy until December 2019. After the first of the new year, it can pick up again with 20 visits of physical therapy.
What's with that?

          This is because I went to Physical Therapy for my shoulder earlier last year!
          So the PT decides to see me weekly for five weeks and give me exercises to do at home between visits, like a coach. What else could I do but agree?
          The exercises are not easy but doable. I just have to remember to do them five times a day. Right now I can manage three but five times a day. It hurts! So I am going to manage it better along with my hand therapy.
What's with that??

          Meanwhile, Refrigerator is laughing, watching my bewilderment and confusion. It must be rewarding itself for doing such a good job upsetting my life. If only I could plan an unplug without its knowledge. I did look behind it and saw the plug that keeps it living and functioning. Should I unplug it? It would surely die! Die an undignified death! I must contemplate the deed.