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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Picnicking

Oh So Easy Picnicking

Picnics in the summer trump any activity, no matter where your picnic is. But, the clean up can be a bear when returning home.

          As a coinsure of summer picnics and picnicking, I devised at simple way of handling the hated, "after picnic clean up".

My strategy:

-Throughout the year, save plastic containers, i.e. store bought pies, purchased salads at say chicken take outs, preferable anything with a removable label.
-Before washing the container, peel off the labels while watching TV at night.
-After washing and drying them, store in an out of the way cabinet you hate getting into, i.e. the cabinet above the refrigerator
-Be vigilant with saving all containers
-Before the first summer concert, pull down all saved containers and separate them by size and shape.
-As concerts are planned, put your food in the containers and take off for the concert.
-After the concert, throw the containers, plastic forks, spoons, knives and cups away.

          You'll come home with an empty sack of nothing and be glad you saved those pesky containers.