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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Kids Kooking Hot Dog Cuts/Designs

Hot Dog Cuts/Designs
Great for the summer picnics or BBQs
Hot dog design 1: Diamond
Score the top of the hot dog deeply — about halfway through the hot dog, using a crosshatch design.
Hot dog design 2: Spikes
Cut the hot dog three-quarters of the way through, down the middle. Cross with vertical cuts, also only three-quarters of the way through the hot dog.
Hot dog design 3: Palm tree
Cut three slices through the board (all the way through the hot dog), leaving one inch on the end uncut.
Hot dog design 4: Zig-Zag
Cut through to the board down one side. Make cuts on the the opposite side between the first ones.
Hot dog design 5: Spirals
Cut the hot dog in long quarters, making four separate strips.
Hot dog design 6: Snake
Cut through to the board on half of each side of the hot dog, leaving the opposite side uncut.

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